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Our Money Matters (OMM) is an innovative financial wellness hub for students from participating Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), and surrounding HBCU & MSI communities.

Our mission is to equip HBCU & MSI students and their surrounding communities with the financial skills needed to reach financial freedom.


Founded in 2020 by the HBCU Community Development Action Coalition (HBCU CDAC) and powered by the Wells Fargo Foundation, together HBCU CDAC and the Well Fargo Foundation aims to positively impact the economic wellbeing of students from participating HBCUs, MSIs, and their surrounding communities.

Unlike most financial literacy programs, the new Our Money Matters financial wellness program offers a broadened approach including:

  • virtual integration
  • in-person education and counseling
  • support services such as food pantries, career closets and emergency funds
  • outreach and collaboration with surrounding communities
  • much more!

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